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Cultural facilities in Kanazawa
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  Old folk house Inn in Mountain (1 hour drive from Kanazawa)

Merely less than one hour drive from the city of Kanazawa, you will be totally surrounded by the Primal Scene of Japan.
Spring is the time for picking a variety of edible wild plants, summer is the time for boating or fishing on the river, autumn is the time for a trip into the woods to gather mushrooms and winter is the time for skiing.
You might be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, nature watching and camping.
You will have the opportunities to eat traditional country style Japanese dishes with fresh vegetables and the meat of wild forest animals. Open air natural hot springs are one of the things you must experience here in Japan.
Sky Shishiku & Park Shishiku (15 minutes drive area / 40 minutes drive from Kanazawa)
A gondola ride brings you to the top of Sky Shishiku and you will have breathtaking panorama view of scenery. From spring to autumn, paragliders can be seen in the sky. 
Facilities in the park include an adventure playground, campsite, and BBQ set rental and picnic tables.
*Ri110 Yahata-machi, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref.
  Fisherman’s inn near the seaside (2 hours drive from Kanazawa)

Experience activity for gill nets fishing
Noto peninsular is surrounded by the sea of Japan and is famous for its fishing or fisheries industry. There are bunch of local lodges or a little inn near the sea where of course you can have fresh and big sea foods dinner.

People in city go often there to relax and to have a wild fisherman’s dinner.
You can enjoy marine activities like fishing and swimming as well.
  Tradesmen's house inn in old town (Center of Kanazawa)

You probably have no idea that you can stay in “Chaya” district, Geisha house area. There you rent a whole house not just to stay but to experience life and culture of Kanazawa.
For roughly 400 years since the era of Shogunate System, Kanazawa thrived as a castle town. The shadow of this era still hangs over the city in the look of the streets and buildings, traditional crafts and historic sites.
With experienced instructors, you can enjoy hands-on experience programs on traditional Japanese arts like tea ceremony, Noh chants, and so on.

Would you like to enjoy not only sightseeing but also life in Kanazawa?

  Tradition of Noto (2 hours drive)

Noto peninsular has been off the beaten track until very recently.
That’s one the reasons why Noto has preserved old Japanese tradition even nowadays.
There are many mysterious ritual festivals in Noto which attracts people all over Japan.
One of them is “Oku-noto no Aenokoto” which is an agricultural ritual in winter transmitted from generation to generation by the rice farmers of the Noto Peninsula.
“Oku-noto no Aenokoto” was listed as “safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO in 2009.